Different Themes of the same Sūrah
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Various scholars of the Qur’ān have ventured forth to determine the theme of a sūrah and seldom have any two come up with the same theme. How come?

Answer: class="Paragraph">The theme of the sūrah is a statement that knits its contents in a unified whole. Since themes have not been divinely determined and obviously are a human endeavour, therefore the chance of a difference of opinion is always there. Scholars who have derived the theme of a sūrah have presented their arguments and observations. It is up to the readers to judge between the arguments and accept the one which appeals to their intellect. As a rule, this intellectual process should carry on. As long as a theme is not challenged by sounder arguments, it holds and when it is, the new one takes its place and so on. The process of scientific inquiry is quite similar to this. A human being can never be certain that he has reached the ultimate truth, even if he is a genius -- simply because he is a human being.


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