The Objective of Islam
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

What is the objective of Islam? There are numerous revolutionary parties in our society which are working for the enforcement of Islam. Are we required by our religion to join such a party? What are our duties if our state is not following the directives of Islam?


The objective of Islam is Tadkiyah-i-Nafs (purification of the soul). Today the world is becoming more and more sensitive to environmental pollution. Islam wants us to become sensitive to moral pollution as well. Just as the filth around us pollutes our environment, the evil found in our soul stains it. Eyes may not see it, yet it cannot be concealed from the mind’s vision.

Both our religious concepts and the deeds we do need purification. Also, this purification is required both in the individual as well as the collective spheres of our lives. An individual must purify his concepts and deeds and a collectivity (like a state) must purify its concepts and deeds. The directives for the purification of the individual and those of the collectivity are explicitly mentioned in the Qur’ān. Consequently, as an individual, one needs to conform oneself according to these directives. It is one’s duty to do the needful and it is the duty of the state to do what is required from it.

If a Muslim state is not doing what is required of it, then it is being disobedient to the Almighty. In this case, it is the religious obligation of the religious scholars of the country to warn them of the grave consequences of this disobedience.

Joining a revolutionary or any other party is not a religious obligation at all. The responsibility of the common man is to exhort people in his immediate surroundings towards good. Neither is he in a position to reform the state nor is he required to do so by Islam. Of course, this does not mean that he cannot join a party or create a pressure group for communication of his demands regarding the enforcement of Islam.


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