Showing Respect to the Qur’ān
Islamic Customs and Etiquette
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Here, in the US, each year, our Muslim Students Association debates whether to put a Qur’ānic verse (in English) on our Muslim students Association T- Shirt. Primarily, we see this as a means of doing Da‘wah and spreading the message of Islam while also having a cool shirt to wear. However, some people have taken exception to printing the Qur’ān on a shirt because it will be thrown around and washed. Could you comment.


Displaying respect for Qur’ānic verses belong to the class of directives which pertain to showing one’s regard for the various symbols of Islam and cannot be outright classed as right or wrong. Such directives depend upon one’s perception of showing regard as well as on the traditions of the society he lives in. In my opinion, the manner in which a person expresses this has been left to the circumstances and situations he may face. It is he who must decide keeping in view the general framework of religion and the customs of the society he lives in. Also, others must not ridicule him if he adopts a course of action which is wrong in their opinion -- for in such affairs it is the intention which actually counts.


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