Organ Donation
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

 I want to donate my eyes to an ‘Eye-Bank’ after I die. Is this permissible in Islam?


Organ donation is a matter that has arisen in recent times due to advances made in the fields of science and technology. Obviously, the Sharī‘ah does not contain anything in the affirmative or in the negative about it. In all such cases, the principle is that the issue shall be viewed in the moral and ethical perspectives, and if anything is found unethical or immoral about it, it will be abstained from.

Organ donation, in my opinion, has nothing immoral or unethical about. On the contrary, it is a very noble gesture on the part of the donor. He is actually helping one of his fellow brethren who is handicapped in some form. Therefore, I would strongly recommend it as this deed would hopefully also reap great reward in the Hereafter for the donor.


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