Frequency of Sexual Intimacy
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Both my husband and I reverted to Islam. Our marital relationship has been suffering. My husband has stated that he will have sex when he feels like it but I feel that he is not meeting my needs. This is very straining as I do not feel as close to him as I did before. In fact, we are moving into separate bedrooms soon. My husband says that moving in to separate bedrooms is an essential religious requirement. Please give us any Islamic advice.


Islam has not given any specific instructions regarding the frequency of sexual relations between a husband and wife. This frequency, it seems, has been left to the couple itself, and normally settles down on a mutually consented pattern. In this matter, each must give due regard to the needs of the other.

Similarly, whether a couple live in the same bedroom or in different ones is a matter on which Islam has given no ruling. It is left to their own choice and to the traditions of the society they live in.

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