Ignoring Responsibilities towards Children
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

What is the consequence of ignoring my responsibilities as a mother and abandoning looking after my children?


Islam does not deal directly with the cases of deviation from the norms and principles, regarding which human beings do not normally err. Say, for example, you may not find any specific direction that one should eat food and fulfill the physical needs. Obviously normal human beings would not abandon fulfilling their basic needs. In fact, love for the children has been so deeply rooted in all the creatures that they find themselves compelled to provide them with their needs and are naturally inclined to look after them. In an Islamic society, parents are also supposed to give special care to the spiritual needs of the children. Our responsibilities include teaching and guiding them regarding their moral and religious obligations as well.

Since it seldom happens that parents do not look after their own children and ignore the basic responsibilities in this regard, Islam has neither given expressive directives regarding chidren’s upbringing nor explained the consequences of non-compliance; but it is obvious that fulfilling duties arising out of tacit agreements is a binding obligation on us. The Qur’ān says:

…who attend to their S*alāh and pay the Zakāh; who, when they enter into an agreement, fulfill it; especially those who remain steadfast in privation, affliction and in times of war. (2:177)

 The directive of keeping up promises covers all kinds of duties both to fellow human beings and to the Creator, whether they emanate from written agreements or tacit ones.  Thus it includes all these responsibilities which are taken to be granted as binding for one. Therefore, the Almighty will of course take the people to account for their negligence in this regard.

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