12th of Rabī al-awwal
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

People in our country celebrate the birthday of Prophet (sws) on 12th of Rabī al-awwal. Is there any historic evidence or are there any authentic Ahādīth which tell us about the date of birth of the Prophet (sws)? Did the Prophet (sws) die n this same date, i.e. 12th Rabī al-awwal? Are we supposed to celebrate this day?


Whilst authorities are divided on the Prophet's birthday, there seems a general consensus about his death day. For the former, the 9th or 12th of Rabī al-awwal are the probable dates, while for the latter the date put forward is the 12th of Rabī al-awwal.

We are not required to celebrate this day by our religion. In fact, making the celebration a religious requirement is an innovation (bid`at).

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