How to Overcome Depression?
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Answered by Asif Iftikhar

I get depressed very easily and feel hollow. What should I do to overcome this problem?


In remembrance of God, there is peace of heart. When one remembers God, one also remembers that the purpose of one’s life is to serve Him (51:65). Therefore, you must decide about how you are going to use your life in His service. For that you need to follow the Divine law and live in accordance with the principles of ethics and morality. But you also need to do more. The talent, the ability and the initiative that God has given us entail something more. Perhaps something for others. Perhaps something for our religion.

Each Muslim must do something for the propagation of his religion according to his ability and circumstances. If he is a religious scholar, he should strive for the understanding, interpretation and dissemination of religion. If he has some position of authority, he should use that authority to implement the directives of religion. And if he is an ordinary Muslim, he should not only follow and implement religious directives within the confines of his authority but strive to propagate and disseminate his religion.

One way you can do something for the propagation of your religion is to co-operate with scholars working for religion in whom you can trust generally. You can co-operate in many ways: by providing financial assistance to a cause, by helping in raising finances or by contributing personally in understanding and disseminating religion.

You will find that the ardour of your involvement in such activities will rekindle the feeling that you are part of Muhammad’s (sws) Ummah and are doing your bit for the revival of its commitment to Islam and for the revival of its lost glory. In that feeling you will find the fervour and the stir that will not let you feel hollow as long as you live.

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