Sending Blessings on the Prophet (sws)
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

There is some confusion that I am having about sending blessings on the Prophet (sws). The first issue is whether the blessings have to be invoked each and every time one mentions the name of the Prophet (sws) or not. In his Life of the Prophet (sws), Husain Haykal mentions that this was not the tradition of Muslims in the past. The second issue is that if one is to send blessings on the Prophet (sws), why is it that people only invoke blessings when they say “Muhammad”, but not when they say “the Prophet”?


It is not necessary or obligatory to invoke the blessings of Allah on the Prophet (sws) when the Prophet's name is taken. It is just a matter of showing regard and respect for him, and should be done whenever possible. All of us are indeed greatly indebted to the Prophet (sws) who unveiled to us the path of salvation that leads to Allah’s mercy by facing the greatest of hardships of life. He was persecuted and subjected to torture for the cause of his mission. But for the sake of truth and for the benefit of his Ummah, he bore every hardship with patience and resilience. As such all of us are indebted to him and praying for him and sending blessings on him, is something we should always relish. We know from the Qur’ān that the Almighty Himself and His angels send blessings on the Prophet (sws) because of his status and personality, and we too have been asked to follow suit in a befitting manner:

Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet. Believers! Send you blessings on him as much as you can. (33:56)

The distinction in taking his name personally or through his position seems needless. Both deserve the same respect as they imply the same personality

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