The Fate of Non-Muslims
The Hereafter
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

All Muslims shall go to Heaven while all Non-Muslims shall go to Hell. Is this statement true?


This statement is not true. According to the Qur’ān only those people, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, shall go to Hell who knowingly deny a truth which reaches them and do not fulfil the requisites of their beliefs in the truths they come across. Those who do, shall go to paradise whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims.

Belief in Allah, in the Hereafter and in all the Prophets are some of these truths.

It must also be appreciated that after the Companions of the Prophet (sws) have borne witness to the religion of truth in their times to the non-Muslims, it is now the duty of every non-Muslim to give a sincere thought to Prophethood of Muhammad and to the consequences of professing disbelief in him.

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