Wearing an ‘Allah Pendant’
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Is it alright to wear the name of Allah as a pendant in a chain around the neck? Some people believe that since a person also goes to the bathroom wearing it, therefore it is disrespectful to the name of Allah.


There is nothing in the Sharī‘ah against wearing a pendant bearing Allah's name. However, common sense demands that a meaningful sentence like Subhānallāh (Glory be to Allah) or Alhamdulillāh (Thanks be to Allah) etc. be made part of the pendant. Merely writing Allah seems to have no meaning or purpose.

Whether one should take off such a pendant when one is to go to a bathroom or not, depends on the circumstances as well as on the disposition of the person who is wearing it since this is more a matter of etiquette and one’s own perception of them.

Wearing Charms

Question: Can the various verses of the Qur’ān be used to write a Ta‘wīdh (charm)? Do they really have any good or bad effects?

Answer: We find no mention in the original sources of Islam about some effects of certain verses on a person who wears them in the form of a Ta‘wīdh. If some verses have these effects, the Qur’ān would have clearly stated so. On the contrary, it is explicit that the sole purpose of its verses is to guide mankind (See for example 2:185). Therefore, one should avoid using the Qur’ān for purposes which it does not mention.

Using it as a charm will only open the door to superstition, and superstition is something which really makes a person suffer spiritually since it drives him away from the Almighty while he himself remains in the deception of moving closer to Him.

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