Pets and Mercy Killing
Social Issues
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Last year we bought some rabbits; after few days one of them became paralyzed, and never got better. It is now getting worse day by day; My husband and I feel that it should be put to death, as it has no mobility. My daughter is totally against it. Allah (swt) will do what is best. What is your opinion?


The Sharī’ah is silent on the issue of mercy killings regarding pet animals. In this regard, consequently, the matter seems to rest on human intellect. Both ways can be adopted depending upon the circumstances. If a person thinks that he should put an end to a poor animal's misery, he can do so and if he is of the view that he can soothe its ailment by some sort of treatment, he can continue to look after the creature in whatever way he is able to.

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