Looking after Parents
Social Issues
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

In our male dominated society, it is believed that if the parents have both sons and daughters, then it is the duty of the sons to take care of their parents. The elderly parents are supposed to live with the son(s). It is considered bad on the part of the son(s) if, for any reason, the parents start living with their daughter(s). Would you please explain this from Islamic point of view?


Children whether sons or daughters are equally responsible for taking care of their old parents. Parents, however, generally feel more comfortable living with their sons since in this case they are dependant on someone more close than a son-in-law. But, there is absolutely no restriction if they live with their daughters as far as the SharÄ«`ah is concerned. 

In our society, the practice of parents living with daughters is considered improper since it is against the customs of this society. Social customs have their own importance and prudence demands that they should not be violated for trivial reasons. However, every person has the right to make a decision for his ownself in matters in which the Sharī`ah has posed no restriction on him or her.

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