Interaction between men and women
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

 In our country, there are quite a few places where women go for shopping etc., and where vendors come in physical contact with ladies. One example is shops where bangles are sold. Ladies ask men to put bangles on their hands. Another example is where ladies go for making a hole in their ears or nose for jewelry. The hole is made by men. Similarly, at many tailors shops, the measurements are taken by men. I personally think that most of these things can be avoided but this has become a part of our culture that people don't consider these things bad. In many public transport vehicles, ladies don't mind sitting next to men. What is the Islamic point of view in this regard?


Answer: Hayā (the closest English equivalent is modesty) is the real honour of a woman. In no circumstances, should a believing woman sacrifice it. It is quite painful to see our sisters and daughters showing indifference to this trait which is the culmination of a woman's personality.

The Islamic viewpoint is very explicit in this regard: Only in unavoidable circumstances should a man and woman, who are strangers, may come in physical contact with one another. For example, in medical examinations, there may be situations, in which a woman has no option but to show herself to a male doctor.

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