Crowing Cocks and Braying Donkeys
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Is it true that when one hears dogs barking, donkeys braying and cocks crowing at night, it means that the dogs and the donkeys sense the presence of Satan and cocks sense an angel passing?


Some apparent phenomena of this world have certain hidden aspects which, it seems, came to the knowledge of the Prophet (sws) through archangel Gabriel. Such details are not part of the content of Islam.

However, there is no reason to deny such information given to us by the Prophet (sws). It is common practice to attribute the good in this world to Allah and the evil to Satan. For example, in SÅ«rah Kahaf, the young associate of the Prophet Moses (sws) attributes his forgetfulness to Satan:

I did indeed forgot about the fish; none but Satan made me forget. (18:63)

The things you have referred to appear to belong to this category.

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