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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

I have a 5-years-old boy and an 11-months girl. May God protect them from all harms! They are the centre of my life and I am living for them. I recently found out that I am pregnant although I was taking necessary precautions, but it still happened. My general health has become weak. Since then, I am not being able to take care of my kids and above all I am also working to help my husband make our living. I have been thinking about having an abortion but I don’t want to take a wrong step. Can you please advise me on the options available in such situations?


There are two views amongst Muslim scholars regarding the permissibility of abortion:

i) It is not allowed under any circumstances except in a situation where the life of the mother is in danger. This view is based on the Qur’anic verse that asks us not to kill our children out of fear of poverty. (Qur’an, 17:31)

ii) The other group allows Muslim ladies to have abortion within the first four months of their pregnancy for less compelling reasons as well. The basis of this view are the ahadith according to which the Almighty breaths life into the unborn child when it is four months old in the womb of the mother. As a result, aborting it before that period would not amount to killing a soul. Even if the second opinion is followed, there has to be a strong reason to resort to it.

In view of the above understanding, I would recommend that you carefully look at your circumstances, including your health, before taking a decision. In case you think that resorting to abortion has become an absolutely necessity which you must resort to even if that would mean depriving yourself of as great a blessing of the Almighty as a child, only then go for it. I know that it is a tough decision. However, it is only you and your husband who can together come to a final conclusion. My personal vote is for not going for it. However, I don’t know what exactly is the nature of your problems. I would strongly recommend that you do istikharah.

By istikharah I mean reading the prayer (du‘a) of istikharah with its meanings in your mind for as many times as you can especially after prayers. I am confident that if you will start doing it with sincerity and regularity, the Almighty would guide you to the right direction. If you follow my advice, don’t look for dreams after reading the prayer of istikharah. Just keep doing it and you will notice that your mind is leaning towards one of the two options. May the Almighty enable you take the right decision.

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