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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Is a person "genetically compelled" to be homosexual. Is it a punishable offence in Islam?. Some of my friends are homosexuals. How should I interact with them? Should I quit meeting them?


Homosexuality is a sexual deviation that has existed since antiquity. Male homosexuality was found in ancient Greece from where it was transmitted to the Persians and the Romans. The Prophet Lot's (sws) nation as a whole was afflicted with this malady as mentioned in the Qur'ān (See for example: Sūrahs Aa`rāf, Hūd and Naml). In the Judaic tradition, it is an abomination punishable by death. There is no punishment for this deviation in the Sharī`ah revealed to the Prophet (sws) Muhammad. An Islamic state, however, can legislate in this regard, if required.

Authorities have presented a number of theories to explain the cause of this aberration. Whatever may be the causes, one thing seems certain from the Qur'ān: It is not a genetic disorder. A person's own free will leads to him to it and it is his own free will which can lead him out.

People who are the victims of this deviation are generally of two types: Those who want to do away with this addiction and those who have no intention to do so.

The first category needs sympathy and support which includes treatment like psychotherapy. Consequently, they should be extended help in whatever way it is possible. The second category needs sparks from the fire of reformation which kindles in every believers heart. One should find ways and means to positively influence such people. However, there may be circumstances in which the only remedy is breaking ties with them. The decision depends on the variables of a given situation and one must judge for himself or herself as to what he or she should ultimately do in this regard.

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