Whether kufr is Pre-destined?
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

What is the context of verses 6 and 7 of Surah Baqarah? What is the real meaning of innalla zinakafaru? Some translators translate these words as “those who reject faith” or as “disbelievers”; others suggest them to mean “those who are destined for disbelief”. If disbelief or “kufr” is written for anyone, then why or how can he or she be held accountable for it?


My understanding of the verse is as follows. Those who choose to reject faith, despite knowing it to be the true message from God, because of their petty desires or ego (or both), are allowed by the Almighty to have more opportunities to acquire faith. However, if they persist with their attitude of deliberately rejecting faith, there comes a time when their hearts are sealed. It is only God Who decides when an individual’s heart is to be sealed, because He is the one who knows and understands the real attitude of the people. The verse is actually consoling the Prophet (sws) not to be unnecessarily disturbed by the attitude of the disbelievers, because the Almighty has sealed the hearts of some of them, who have proven through their attitude that they don’t deserve to get the “gift of faith”.

They are going to be responsible for their lack of faith and the sealing of their hearts because it was primarily their own behaviour that led to this state of affairs.


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