Did God need Creation?
God and Monotheism
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Why did God create us when, as His attribute assamad shows, He does not need anyone?

(Mr. Mudassar Sha Ziarat Ka Ka Sahib)


Dear Mr Sha

assalamu ‘alaykum

The word samad denotes a large rock which is used as a shelter against enemy attack. The word also began to be used for the leader who is the shelter and saviour of his people. IN Psalms, God has often been referred to as a rock:

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; and God, my strength, in whom I will trust, my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

I will call up the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. (Psalms 18:2&3)

The attribute assamad (the rock which is the shelter and saviour of all) does not signify indifference on God’s part it refers to be Being whom one relies on and in whom one reposes one’s trust.

However, there is no doubt about the fact that God does not need Creation, Creation needs Him. This fact is alluded to by His attributes ghaniyy (free from Want) and aHad (Alone). The attribute ghaniyy has come in the Qur’ān with Hamīd to moderate the effect of ghaniyy by indicating that in spite of being ‘free from all want’, God is also the source of all things worthy of praise and gratitude. Therefore, we, Hs subjects should never abandon hope in His benevolence and mercy. Similarly, after aHad (Alone), the attribute assmad leaves no room for the misconception that God is just the first cause that created everything and is now indifferent to our needs and requirements. Such misconceptions can incline a man to other beings for the kind of help one must ask only God for. In other words, these two attributes (aHad and assmad) tell us that even though God is Unique and Alone, He is not indifferent to our needs, for it is He who is the rock which is our shelter.

Regarding your question as to why God created us, we can ony say that it Is futile and improper to ask questions the answers of which are definitely beyond our reach, futile because the answers do not relate in any way to the responsibility life entails and improper because it ill becomes the beneficiary to demand the reason for his benefactor’s generosity.

Suffices it for us to know that life is a privilege, a gift from God – a rare chance to earn the everlasting life of bliss. That is what we should be concerned about, for there is no loss greater than losing this chance and no success greater than successfully availing oneself of it. May Allah give us the wisdom and the strength and the courage to avail ourselves of the opportunity life has afforded us. Amen.


God be with you.


Yours faithfully


Asif Iftikhar


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