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Answered by Sadia Saleem

 What is the status of Khatm-i- Qur’ān in Islam as a means of obtaining the protection of Allah?



Recitation of the whole of the Qur’ān in a ceremonial gathering for the purpose of obtaining the blessings of God in order to protect ourselves or our loved ones against harm has become a very common practice in the subcontinent. One seldom finds this practise prevalent in any other Muslim country.

We should first understand that the directives of Islam fall into two categories. One which concerns man and God, about which explicit instructions in their minutest details have been given to us e.g. Salāh, Fasting, Hajj, Zakāh etc. Any voluntary increase or decrease in any of these details would fall under religious innovation (bid‘ah) which is totally forbidden. The other category concerns man and his fellow human beings which cover such areas as the social, economic, political, penal and educational systems etc. In this category, the basic principles have been laid out and it falls on the individuals of a certain age and society to formulate systems according to these principles.

The above mentioned practise of Khatm-i- Qur’ān, it is evident, falls in the first category. The best way to prove the authenticity of any act is to look for its instruction and approval in the Qur’ān or in the practises of the Prophet (sws). Since this cannot be found in any of the above it can safely be placed under the category of bid‘ah like any other addition to religion. The Prophet (sws) has said that any addition in the circle of Islam is a bid‘ah and every bid‘ah is a transgression and fuel for the fire of Hell.

The irrationality of this practice can be detected if we ponder for a moment on what the subject matter of the Qur’ān is. The main topic which the Qur’ān stresses on is the after life and many arguments are given to support this point which is so important that once someone wholeheartedly believes in it, it changes the course of his life. Now how can a person start to analyse these arguments when he cannot even understand what he is reading. He can read it 50 times and call his neighbours and friends to help him but he would be no wiser than what he was at the start. And after all that how can he hope that Allah will reward him or bless him for such blatant indifference and negligence towards his Word and commands.

Therefore the very essence of Khatm-i- Qur’ān is against the spirit of Islam and all that it signifies.



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