Prohibition of Pig-Meat And Liquor
The Dietary Shari‘ah
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Answered by Asif Iftikhar

Why has the meat of the pig and liquor been forbidden in Islam?


(a) The prohibition of the pig's meat is based on the natural inclination of the animal towards sexual perversion. The female species of this animal mates with a number of male species at the same time and the male species show a strong inclination towards enjoying the whole thing. On the other hand, the male species of those animals that have been allowed in Islam show a strong inclination towards jealousy in this regard. A typical male will often fight his rival to win over his mate.

Although the fact that our disposition is affected to a great extent by the kind of food we take is generally not given much importance, yet it is on this basis that Islam has prohibited the pig's meat and flowing blood and the meat of predatory animals and birds. The last two incline our behaviour towards savagery and the first creates an inclination towards sexual perversion. It can be observed that such peoples as have the habit of eating the pig's meat show a strong inclination towards sexual immorality. Islam, therefore, wants the Muslims to safeguard themselves against the disposition to sexual perversion.

(b) Liquor has been forbidden in Islam as it is an intoxicant. It is nothing short of an anathema in Islam that a person should spend any part of his time in a fuddled state of mind. The purpose of man's existence is that he should live a life of service to God. He should, therefore, try to spend every moment of his life in accordance with the wishes of the Almighty and fulfil his obligation to Him and to his fellow human beings. It is obvious that any drink that inclines a person's disposition towards inebriation would be absolutely against the purpose of a Muslim's life.



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