Can a Woman Ruler reconcile with the Authority of her Husband?
Political Issues
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

My question is: How a woman chosen as a head of state can follow the will of the people when she has to follow the will of her husband as a head of the family?


When a woman takes to politics, there are certain adjustments which she makes with her husband on the basis of mutual understanding and areas of clash are of course also discussed beforehand.

It is only after this mutual adjustment that both can proceed as a family unit. On a smaller scale, this can be understood from women who adopt a professional life. Here too certain adjustments are made with their husbands through mutual consent and understanding. If this understanding does not exist, then at times she either has to choose between her profession or her husband.

Similar is the case for a woman who finally reaches the top most rung of her political career. After all much before a married woman reaches this stage, it would be known to her and to her husband too that their family can only survive through adjustments. So if the husband is accommodating she can discharge both responsibilities and if this unfortunately is not the case, then she too might have to choose between her husband and her political career.

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