Issues with the Mother-in-Law
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I have been married for eight months and am facing some problems from my mother in law. My question is that what, according to Islam, are my rights over my husband and what are my mother in-law’s rights over him with respect to time and money when both of us are living together?


In this regard instead of determining the rights and obligations of a lady regarding her husband and mother in law with relation to time and money, it is much more practicable to determine that it is the husband who must do justice with both his wife and mother. He should know that there exists a very delicate balance in treating both equitably. If he does not display a balanced attitude in this matter, he is bound to be unjust to one at the expense of the other. Hence he must be very careful. A wife should perhaps politely urge her husband to keep deciding such matters with justice and fairness.


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