Concept of Love-Marriage in Islam
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

Is there any concept of love marriage in Islam? If we look at Muslim history, I don’t find any stuff like this because our religion does not allow unmarried boys to meet unmarried girls. Please answer my question in detail.


By concept of love-marriage in Islam if you mean that the Qur’ān recommends or condemns it directly anywhere, then most certainly that is not the case. However if one were to look at the spirit of the Qur’ān and the Sunnah, the following understanding emerges:

1. Both bridegroom and bride have to willingly approve the idea of their marriage. Therefore, there can be no objection to the fact that the spouses-to-be know each other well enough to take that decision.

2. In the process of knowing each other, they can interact within the limits of decency. However, they should not meet each other and remain together for long durations alone.

3. Before getting married, although exchange of messages in the form of emails, sms messages etc is not disallowed, such exchanges should not degenerate into expression of unacceptable expressions. One should avoid, for example, expressing one’s emotions of love for the other person before marriage. That expression should be reserved exclusively for post-marriage life.

4. Feelings of love for the other person cannot be considered unacceptable. Such feelings are in fact quite natural in many cases. However, one should not do anything indecent to communicate and promote it.


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