Wearing Bangles
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

I was wondering whether non-golden bangles and necklaces are forbidden for males.


I would like you to appreciate that the Islamic Sharī‘ah has not forbidden Muslims from wearing gold in the first place. The Ahadīth ascribed to the Holy Prophet (sws) prohibiting men from use of gold are actually an application of another Qur’ānic directive. The Holy Qur’ān has clearly declared extravagance as condemnable because it is this habit, which eventually leads him to pomp and show. The Holy Prophet (sws) applied this directive to wearing of the gold which was and still is a status symbol and a mean of showing off ones wealth. However, since women have a natural desire for beautifying them and adorning themselves with ornaments, the Holy Prophet (sws) granted them a common sense exception. Keeping the basis of the directive in mind one can safely conclude that not only gold but every other item which becomes a status symbol and is used as a mean for showing off wealth should be dealt with accordingly. As a necessary corollary, one cannot be stopped from using things which are generally not considered status symbols. We believe that bangles and necklaces are not worn for the purpose; therefore there is no point to declare wearing these as prohibited.

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