Marriage without being Divorced
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

I have a very important question. Three years ago my father had forced me into marriage with man whom I do not like. I was fortressed in home for over a month and nobody would see me until the day they brought the man and forced the marriage upon me. Everything was against my will God truly knows that. After marriage we did not establish marital relationship. I think God was with me all the while until I availed the chance to escape from him. It has been three years since I escaped from him.

I have developed liking for a Muslim boy and we want to be married. Can we enter into this marriage contract without obtaining divorce from my husband? This I ask because we have not been married in the true sense of the relationship and it was forced upon me at the first place and I never received anything from him not the dowry or any properties not even a wedding ring. I have fear of upon my life from that man.


I feel real sorry on the plight you are facing. May Allah deliver you from this state and grant you life full of peace and content. You have asked whether you could enter into a new marriage knot without officially breaking the previous one. I am afraid I would not recommend it. Even if you were forced to enter into a marriage contract against all your will they must have got your consent and you must have signed the marriage papers. Now unless you get a divorce from the previous husband you should not enter into a new contract. It would be safe and in conformity with legal and moral principles that you turn to a competent court of justice and file for a divorce. We pray to the Almighty that he smoothes the way for you.

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