Issue Contents
October 2009
Vol. 19 Issue 10
In this Issue
Brief Introduction to the Contents Jhangeer Hanif

Forbidding Wrong Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Qur'anic Exegesis
Surah Infitar Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by: Dr. Shehzad Saleem)
Hadith & Sunnah
True Muslim, Mu’min, Mujahid & Muhajir Moiz Amjad
Influence of Muslim Philosophy on the West Osman Amin
Book Review
‘Ulum al-Qur’an: (An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’an) Faria Shahid
Rhyme and Reason
O Land Mine! Faiz Ahmad Faiz
(Tr. by: Asif Iftikhar)
Predestination and Selection of a Marriage Partners Tariq Haashmi
Authenticity of the Hadith "       
Marriage with a Convert and Parental Consent "       
Eating non-Dhabihah Meat "       
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