Issue Contents
April 2004
Vol. 14 Issue 4
Limited Liability Jhangeer Hanif

Magic and Revelation Tariq Haashmi
Political Issues
Islam and the Future of the World Murad W. Hofmann
Bid‘ah Compiled by: Ayesha Hassan
Confessions of a Failed Jihādī Syed Saleem Shahzad
Book Review
Islam under Siege Yoginder Sikand
Rhyme and Reason
In Hope and in Fear Asif Iftikhar
Sexual Intimacy prior to Bridal Departure (Rukhsatī) Tariq Haashmi
Implication of the Word Zulm "       
Origins of the Prophetic Teachings "       
Question of Jihād with Muslims "       
Wisdom behind the Sunnah of shaving off unwanted Hair "       
Fake Certificates for Traveling alone for Hajj "       
Involvement in Worldly Activities Siddiq Bukhary
Forgiveness "       
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