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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

The Essence of Faith

Iman (faith) is the prerequisite for salvation in the Hereafter. It is indeed the fountain from which the stream of Islam flows and nurtures the whole personality of the believers. Given such importance of faith, curiosity goads us on to explore what is really its essence. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, in this short essay, probes the reality of faith and the inevitable corollaries that emanate from it, should it be true and sincere.

How is Faith acquired and strengthened

This brief article first spells out two main approaches through which people acquire faith and consolidate it. Then, it analyses which approach lies in harmony with the Holy Qur’an.

Influence of Muslim Philosophy on the West

This essay takes up a very academic discussion to assess and gauge the nature and extent of the influence of Muslim philosophy on the intellectual development of the West.

Brighten Your Future: Guidelines for the Education of your Children

In an increasingly complex social life, it has become an uphill task to properly educate our children. This brief article contains some suggestions for parents to help them in their tough, though noble, task.

Approaches towards Understanding Islam

To learn about Islam is to embark upon a multifarious journey. One has to change his dimension depending upon the nature of what aspect of Islam he/she is exploring at a given moment. According to the author of this article, there are three possible dimensions, which the students of Islam should select from in the light of their pursuit.

Muslims in Secular India: Problems and Prospects in Education

This is a book review that evaluates and analyses the contents of the book dealing with the status of education among the Muslims of India.

Your Questions Answered

Jhangeer Hanif responds to queries on self-restraint, personality development, and compliance with the decision of one’s husband.

O Land Mine!

Expressed in this poem of Faiz Ahmad Faiz are patriotic sentiments for Pakistan. It has been rendered into English by Asif Iftikhar.   


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