Why Believe in One God
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Tariq Haashmi

Why believe in a God? It is an old question and has been debated for thousands of years with no particularly satisfactory answers. However it does bug me. Please let me know your arguments.


While dealing with this matter, the basic thing that needs to be appreciated is the fact that existence of God as the creator of this universe is an established fact recognized by most human beings over the centuries. The number of those challenging the idea hardly qualifies to be considered a party. This hard fact, which is a common asset of all humanity, should not be subjected to trial. The idea of negating the existence of a God known as atheism is a state of negation and needs to be proved. Therefore, it is upon the atheists to come up with sound arguments to invalidate the idea of God’s existence.

What makes us believe in God? To come to an adequate answer to the question we need to analyze the available data about the universe and ourselves. One becomes a recipient of uncountable favors and blessings even before one is born. Since man is bestowed with the ability to think and an urge to know the causes of all the phenomena around him and deduce certain conclusions, he finds himself wanting to know the source of what he sees of a wonderful universe. He wants to know his origins and his fate and how the universe works. He marvels at the astounding order and control found in the universe and wants to recognize the source of all the providence and blessings he is showered with. He observes that the world around him, despite all its diversities, is working harmoniously to serve a single purpose. This inquiry inevitably arises because the human mind is fashioned to think about the writer on seeing a piece of writing and imagine the carpenter having seen a piece of furniture and the engineer having come across a magnificent building. Then how can he help not thinking about the creator of the most astounding architecture of the universe itself and what is found in it, most of all his own self. He simply cannot help but conceive of the idea of a creator. Thus belief in God brings him the answer to a puzzle which otherwise would have been impossible to solve. His reflection definitely makes him think that all this could never have happened without a wise hand behind it and an omniscient being keeping it going and making it work harmoniously.

Another undeniable fact, which takes us to the conclusion, is the historical testimony regarding the existence of a creator. The first man Adam had direct interaction and communication with God. This fact has been perpetually reported by subsequent generations from Adam onwards and passed on to us uninterrupted. During the course of world history God has been selecting different personalities from human beings and directly guiding them for the guidance of human beings; thus the original information has continuously been confirmed. This historical fact is the common inheritance of the human race.

The third argument, which is the basic root and real guiding force in our quest to find the true explanation of the universe, is our faculty of intuition. This faculty in fact makes us realize that we know an entity who is the creator and the sustainer of the world. We cannot touch Him through our senses, but are sure that His comprehension is present in our selves, innate and inborn. This intuition is also commonly found in every man and is responsible for bringing people of varying backgrounds to one belief: existence of Allah.

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