Wearing an Allah Pendant
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Aasil Ahmad

I have a necklace and it says Allah in Arabic. I want to wear it all the time but my mother told me not to because of the disrespect like when I go to the bathroom. But I have seen so many people wearing it. So is it alright if I wear it or is it better that not to wear it all the time?


It is alright to wear the necklace. The question of respect and disrespect is a relevant one though. Your mother’s caution reflects the manners that she was taught relating to the proper handling of the Qur’ān, and, as such, to Allah’s name as it is written on paper or any other object. These manners, or etiquette are a reflection of one’s sincerity in everyday activities. For example, Muslims generally will be in a state of wudū whenever handling the Qur’ān even though this is not essential. You do it because it elevates your action to a greater level of sincerity and acceptability with Allah. The bathroom is not a proper place to be reading or handling the Qur’ān and it would thus be a disrespect to handle the Qur’ān in the bathroom. All these factors are not rules for rote memorization and following, but rather, reflect the courtesy and decorum with which a Muslim should approach matters of how to live and do things according to high standards.

So in wearing the necklace, one could be additionally careful with it and with the places that one carries it into because doing so reflects a greater respect and humility for it, but, there is no legal rule to force you to do so.

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