Disobeying the Husband for Da‘wah Work
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Answered by Jhangeer Hanif

If a husband allows his wife to go out for work and for entertainment but shows displeasure and annoyance when she leaves home for da‘wah work (propagation of Islam) and other Islamic works like learning and teaching Islam, and if the wife disobeys him and leaves even if he shows disagreement—thinking obviously that he is being unfair, will Allah be displeased with her?


I fully concede that this decision of the husband is undoubtedly unfair. He ought not to stop his wife from engaging in religious as well as other healthy activities that she wishes to. That is how the life of a couple becomes peaceful and comfortable.

However, the question arises what should be done when he hampers any activity that his wife wants to undertake. It will definitely depend upon the subject matter of what the wife has been stopped from doing. If she is obstructed from carrying out her primary religious responsibilities like saying the obligatory prayer, fasting or in any case from professing faith in Allah, she should not follow her husband no matter what. But if she is impeded not to undertake da‘wah work, I am afraid she should not resist the decision of her husband since it is not what Allah has obligated her to do except within the circle of her close relations and friends that she usually meet in her daily life. This does not mean that she should give up the effort to convince her husband regarding the importance of learning and teaching Islam. She should positively continue her struggle to intellectually convince her husband and persuade him to allow her to do what she so much wishes to. However, she should not rebel against the decisions of her husband. I would like her to know that her reward with the Lord will still be secured if she accepts the decisions, and compromises with her circumstances because every sincere intention brings reward to the believer.


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