Terrorism vs Struggle for Freedom
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

How can we differentiate between terrorism and struggle for freedom?


The basic difference between the two is that the struggle for freedom is always non-violent while the latter is generally not. To be free and be part of a free country is one’s basic right. However, Islam does not allow a person to resort to violence in achieving this end. If a certain country is under the occupation of governments in which Muslims are oppressed and subjected to injustices and persecution, then they must try to bring a change in the political leadership in a democratic manner by uniting under a single leadership and then trying to win the majority in their favour.

If this struggle for freedom is to assume the shape of an armed uprising, then it should meet certain conditions of which the foremost is availability of a state – whether it is established for this purpose or whether an already established one is used to achieve this objective. If they are not able to meet this and other conditions of an armed uprising, then they are not authorized to resort to militancy in any form.

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