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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

The argument against family planning services is that it negates the concept of Allah being the sole person responsible for the physical sustenance of the human beings. Second, the family planning campaign is in fact a great planning against the Muslim community by the enemies of Islam (European Community) as the greatest stress is upon the Muslim world for its promotion so as the Muslim strength and manpower be reduced. The government’s point of view is: The fast growth of population has several implications for our socio-economic development and this is being regarded as a serious issue confronting the nation. Please comment, in detail, upon these two, apparently, opposing concepts.


In this regard, my observations are as follows:

1. Common sense is a great gift of God which people tend to forget. While planning a family, using one’s common sense is imperative. For example, if one’s wife is not in a position to bear or raise more kids owing to medical, emotional or psychological reasons, then this must be given due regard. Similarly, whether parents would be able to give enough attention to the new born is also something which must be decided. Similarly, if the size of the existing family is such that the parents cannot afford more children, then this is also another factor that must be considered. This does not negate that the Almighty is the Sustainer of all human beings because He has not taken the responsibility to provide sustenance to everyone person born on this earth. On the contrary, He has created us to try and test us and for this He sometimes gives little sustenance to a family and to another He gives sustenance in abundance. Man must plan to obtain sustenance according to the scheme and will of the Almighty. No doubt the Almighty has bestowed this earth with ample food resources but it is up to man to benefit from them by understanding this scheme.

2. I think that Muslims must do away with the habit of blaming the West to cover their follies. To me it is unethical to conclude that family planning is a conspiracy hatched by the West against the Muslims simply because this is all conjecture. One can never have certain knowledge of someone’s intentions.

3. The strength of Muslim population does not depend upon their numbers: it depends upon their superiority in ethics and morality and in science and technology.

4. The government instead of fixing the number of children for a family should educate the masses that they should use their common sense while planning a family. Some families may need two and others may need four or six children. It all depends on the circumstances each family is in.


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