Women and Praying at Home?
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

There is a hadīth which says that it is better for women to pray at home. However, another one says that the reward for praying in the mosque is 27 times greater. So I’m confused? Is it really better for a woman to pray at home? Please explain.


Unlike men, women have been put under less burden as far as directives and decrees of Islam are concerned. For example, they have been exempted from Jihād. Similarly, they have been exempted from the Friday congregation. Likewise, they have also been relieved of the responsibility to appear in the mosque for the daily prayers. All this is because of their circumstances, temperament and line of activities.

At the same time, Muslim men have been directed to let their wives go to the mosque in case they want to and never to stop them. So, in other words, they can pray at home without bothering about losing any reward and at the same time if their circumstances are such that they can easily and safely go to the mosque, no one should stop them.

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