Where is Allah?
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

Where exactly is Allah?


Just next to you. I am not joking. You might ask why then you can’t see Him.

The answer is that not everything you can’t see can be claimed to not be there. It all depends on what is it that you are looking for. The arguments I am presenting to you in answering your question, for instance, cannot be seen as a visible object with your eyes. You only have to understand and imagine them to grasp what is being said. There are numerous other things which even though cannot be seen yet are acknowledged as undeniable facts. Have you ever seen the atoms that all physical things are made up of? You still believe that they are there, because the arguments leading to their existence are very convincing.

Similar is the case with God’s existence. He has made us in our present life with such limitations which can’t allow us to see Him. However, He has left such traces of the evidence of His existence that unless you have decided not to ‘see’ Him, you cannot miss Him. That is what the trial of this life is all about. You are required to acknowledge certain realities which are quite obvious but not physical in nature, and if you are inclined to deny them, you can most certainly do it. Another example could be that of the rights of the parents when they grow old. A disobedient son can deny the rights his parents have on him by stating that he doesn’t remember what they had done for him. Obviously, it’s nothing but his unwillingness to take care of the needs of his parents that inclines him to go for the denial. Otherwise the rights of the parents are undeniable.

The Hereafter would take care of all such unfair decisions, where the All-Knowing, All-Powerful God would make it clear beyond doubt that what some people were presenting as genuine arguments to deny the truth were in reality lame excuses they had devised to allow them to do what they had chosen to.

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