Further on “Kaffarah on broken Oaths”
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Answered by Dr Khalid Zaheer

The friend of mine told me that he contacted some scholar, who told him that the kaffarah is feeding 60 people, and not 10. Regarding the verse that you’ve quoted, I realized that it doesn’t talk about breaking an oath on the Holy Qur’an. It simply talks about breaking an oath, but we are talking about breaking an oath on the Holy Qur’an. This is what my friend also told me. He said that feeding 10 people might be for breaking a simple oath but its not enough for breaking a swear on the Holy Qur’an. Please shed some light on it.


My understanding is that there is only one shari‘ah that is mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah and nothing can be added to it. The Qur’anic shari‘ah mentioned for expiating the crime (kaffarah) of breaking an oath – whether taken on the Qur’an or otherwise – mentions what I have already referred to you earlier. It includes all kinds of oaths. Had this been for a specific oath, the Qur’an should have mentioned it. If it doesn’t, and there are some people who would want to claim that the kaffarah for an oath done on the Qur’an is different, they should bring forth their argument from the Qur’an.

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