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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

What is the Islamic view on Dhikr?


Dhikr, in religious parlance, means remembering the Almighty. A believer's day should be spent as much as is possible in his Creator's remembrance. There are a number of forms of doing dhikr: Some of the important forms include saying the prayer, reading the Qur'ān, making supplications, asking Allah's forgiveness, expressing gratitude at his favours and blessings, remembering the attributes and established laws and practices of Allah, reciting certain phrases and sentences mentioned in the Ahādīth.

Congregational dhikr, which is so popular these days is something which was not found in the time of the Prophet (sws). The only congregational dhikr which the Prophet (sws) seems to have undertaken was the collective prayer offered in the mosque. All other forms are generally more suited to be done when a person is alone. In seclusion, a person's emotions and feelings are very pure and flow naturally out of him; dhikr in such circumstances is also more free from false pretense.

I would recommend you to adopt the above mentioned forms and avoid all those which are not prescribed by the Prophet (sws). All other forms lead to innovation (bid'at) and take a person away from his Allah.

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