Terrorism or Jihād
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

The concept of Jihād is greatly misunderstood. Unfortunately, a number of terrorist organizations (claiming to be Islamic) have used Jihād to justify their cowardly acts of terrorism. Please explain in the light of Qur’ān and Sunnah.


You are absolutely right here. Quite unfortunately, Jihād has become one of the most misunderstood directives of Islam. The following points about it may help in clarifying the stance of Islam:

First and foremost, only an Islamic state has the authority to launch Jihād. No group or organization has been given the right to start an armed struggle in a society in any way.

Secondly, apart from self-defence (which is an entirely different matter) the only legitimate reason for an Islamic State to launch Jihād is to curb oppression and persecution in any other country -- whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

Thirdly, the Jihād carried out by the Prophet (sws) and his companions after him was governed by a specific law meant only for the Prophets of Allah and the nation towards which they are directly assigned. It has nothing to do with us.

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