Salaries of Imam Masjids
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

All the imams of the Mosques are getting salaries for leading prayers. The Question is: Is this salary permissible? If it is, then what does this Qur’ānic verse mean:

Don't sell the verses of God at a very tiny cost and who sell the verses of God really fill their abdomen by fire of Hell. (2:174)


An imam of a mosque is not paid for leading prayers. Actually, the management committee of a mosque hires his time and services and pays him so that he does not have to indulge in any other financial activity, and all his time is devoted to the mosque and its affairs. There is, of course no harm in this at all. This job is similar in nature to a teacher of the Qur’ān at our schools and universities.

The verse you have referred has no bearing with this issue. It addresses the Jews of the times of the Prophet (sws). Their forefathers had been asked to honour the covenant of the Almighty about a new Prophet who would be raised up in their brethren: the Ishmaelites. This was clearly stated in the Torah and they were required to accept his Prophethood when it came. The Jews, it is known, did not honour this covenant when the said Prophet did come, and, to achieve worldly gains, broke it. This verse actually chides them on this attitude. The nature of these worldly gains does not relate to money in any sense. It refers to other material benefits such as the position of political and religious authority the Jews held.

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