The Existence of God
God and Monotheism
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Answered by Asif Iftikhar

There are people who say that God does not exist and that the universe came into existence all by itself. What are the arguments for the existence of God?


The existence of God is a fact that cannot be denied. All explanations, save the one which asserts that an Omnipotent and Benevolent Creator rules the universe, fail to solve the riddle that our universe is. `Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth'. This verse of the Quran alludes to the same fact: it is only when we accept his existence that the universe becomes meaningful. Why did it come into existence and what is its fate? Questions as these cannot be answered if one does not accept the existence of God.

Now when we observe the universe, we notice very clearly an element of planning and control in it. Various laws and principles govern the universe and sustain it. Similarly, when we reflect upon the relationship between our world and oursleves and between our world and the universe, we see that one of the most prominent features of these relationships is providence that sustains us and our development and growth. The earth, we see, is perfectly suitable to cater for the needs of man and the rest of the universe is also assisting the earth in this regard. Each and every facet of our life and of the universe is indicative of providence, benevolence, planning, control and wisdom. It is this reality which impels us to accept that a Benevolent and Omnipotent Being is the Creator, Sustainer, Ruler and Lord of the universe.

He who does not see this reality is as a blind man who denies the existence of the sun in broad daylight and insists that others should prove its existence on the basis of arguments.


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