How can I be Punctual in Praying?
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I am not punctual in my daily prayers. How can I become punctual? Also should I leave the Friday prayer since I am not being able to offer regular prayers?


Muslims have been bound by their religion to pray five times a day and to pray the Friday prayer in place of zuhr on Fridays. So you should try to make an effort to do so. The prayer occupies great importance in a Muslim’s life and is the foremost manifestation of one’s faith. Its objective is to remember God. People tend to forget Him and the prayer reminds them of a superior Being before whom they must submit and consign their matters. They must thank Him on His favours and ask for guidance from Him.

One way to become punctual in praying is to start offering one prayer each day with an understanding of what one is praying. This will gradually lead and induce a person to offer the other prayers. Also the fard rak‘āt are the only obligatory ones and to start with you can just offer these rak‘āt. The sunnah and nafl rak‘āt are not obligatory though they earn great reward. Do make an effort to understand what you recite in your prayers. It will have a deep impact on you.

Also do not leave your Friday prayer even if you are not being able to say other prayers; keeping in touch with God in this manner might one day be instrumental in bringing you more close to Him.

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