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Dr. Shehzad Saleem
- Evidence of Muhammad’s Prophethood (sws)   (October 1995)
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
- Itmam al-Hujjah of God’s Messengers   (January 2015)
- Belief in the Prophets   (July 2012)
- Punishment for Blasphemy against the Prophet (sws)   (March 2011)
- Some Issues pertaining to Prophethood   (March 2008)
- Some Traits of the Prophets   (February 2008)
Dr Henna Khan
- The Messengers and the Receivers   (February 2004)
Dr Khalid Zaheer
- The Prophethood of Muhammad (sws)   (December 1999)
Edited by: Zafar-ul-Islam Khan
- The Last Khutbah of the Prophet (sws)   (August 2002)
Tr. by Muhammad A. Akbar
- Speech at the Mosque of Banū Sālim   (June 1999)
A. H. Siddiqui
- The Speech at Tabūk   (March 1999)
Ubaidul Akbar
- The Last Oration of the Prophet (sws)   (August 1998)
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