Issue Contents
February 2001
Vol. 11 Issue 2
Ever Fallen Ill? Dr Khalid Zaheer

Political Issues
The Islamic Community & the Unity of Mankind Christian Troll SJ
Economic Issues
Marginalism and Life Ali Salman
The Infinite Loop Problem Moiz Amjad
Islam and its Significance in our Lives Aliya Aslam
Rhyme and Reason
IF Rudyard Kipling
Science and Religion
The Role of Faith in Science Muzaffar Hussain
Women leading Worship Rituals Dr. Shehzad Saleem
A Case of a Converts Relationship with her Family "       
Islamic Guidelines for the Foreign Policy "       
The Spoils of War "       
Prohibition of Sadqah for the Prophet’s family "       
Should Women cover their Feet while Praying? "       
Were our progenitors Incestuous? "       
The Significance of the Fortieth Year of One’s Life "       
Genetic Homosexuality "       
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