Issue Contents
May 2001
Vol. 11 Issue 5
Prevent Evil from Spreading Dr Khalid Zaheer

Economic Issues
The Discovery of Economy Akif Safi
Is the Qur’ān Clear or Incomprehensible? Moiz Amjad
‘Hey, the Mike’s Comin’ !’ Kamran Bashir Sheikh
Book Review
Banker to the Poor Amina Kamal Khan
Science and Religion
Need for Harmony between Science and Religion Muzaffar Hussain
Internet Chatting Dr. Shehzad Saleem
Jogging to the Mosque "       
Destroying the ‘Buddha’ Statues "       
Marrying Christian Women "       
Destroying a ‘Disabled’ Foetus "       
Reciting Sūrah Fātihah in the Prayer "       
Friendship with Allah "       
Intimacy during Menses "       
Research on Edibles and other Items "       
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