Issue Contents
October 2001
Vol. 11 Issue 10
Condemnation of Concentration of Wealth Dr Khalid Zaheer

Political Issues
Human Rights and Islam: Some Points of Convergence and Divergence Ali Salman
The Position of Jesus (sws) in the Hereafter Moiz Amjad
The Greater Exam Khalil Hashmat
(Tr. by: Tariq Haashmi)
Battle for Jewish Souls Mohamed Ghounem
Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences: An Introduction The Executive Council ‘Al-Mawrid’
Book Review
Muslims on the Americanization Path Amy J. Johnson
Homosexual Gratification in Paradise! Dr. Shehzad Saleem
Why is Worship Obligatory? "       
Who is a Kāfir? "       
Who is the Messiah? "       
Dowry "       
Are Ladies allowed to do Make-up? "       
Severing Ties with Relatives who Disobey God "       
Who are the Banū Ismā’īl? "       
Did Khadījah (rta) propose to Muhammad (sws)? "       
Serving Prohibited Items "       
Reading the Mīlād "       
Praying behind a ‘Bad’ Imam "       
Religious Freedom and Abraham’s Idol-Bashing ? "       
Using Interest Money received to pay Interest "       
A Justification for Interest "       
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