Issue Contents
October 2000
Vol. 10 Issue 10
Allāhu Akbar Dr Khalid Zaheer

Qur'anic Exegesis
Sūrah Fātihah Moiz Amjad
The Prayer: ‘What would I have done without these verses?’ Dr Rizwan Haider
Principles of Success in the Light of Sīrah Waheed Uddin Khan
Poor as a Nation Dr. Abdus Salam
Book Review
Islam 2000 Dr. Mustansir Mir
Rhyme and Reason
A Prayer Khawar Kazi
Polygamy vs Polyandry Dr. Shehzad Saleem
Organ Donation "       
Satan: His Origin and Purpose "       
Tombs and Mausoleums "       
The Prohibition of Pork "       
Obligations towards Non-Muslim Colleagues and Relatives "       
Ruling on Music "       
Covering of Head before One’s Fiance "       
Changes after Reversion to Islam "       
Five Prayers or Three Prayers "       
Telephonic Marriage "       
Is Head Covering essential for Men during the Prayer? "       
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