Our Mission

Renaissance was launched in January 1991 with an aim to communicate the true message of Islam and to purge it from various innovations which have, over the years, crept into its edifice. The basic idea behind its initiation is to present the teachings of Islam in their pristine form and to apply its principles in current circumstances with a view to present positive solutions to the problems faced in the fields of law and politics, economics and sociology and indeed in all the other spheres of life.

No doubt, a tempest has blown the Muslim fleet out of course. We are going through a period of general decline in all the affairs of life. A revolution in the intellectual and mental perspectives is the need of the hour. The challenge we face is prodigious and the effort required is Herculean. But then, there is a heartening aspect to this situation: In recent times, the task of such an intellectual and mental reformation has already been taken up by a religious scholar of exceptional intellect, Imam Hameed Uddin Farahi (d:1930). He, together with his most outstanding pupil Amin Ahsan Islahi (d:1997), has redirected the Muslim religious thought to the path from which it had deviated by opening the way to direct deliberation on the Qur’an.

We intend to continue the work of intellectual revival begun by these two personalities in our own limited capacities so as to contribute whatever we can to the cause of this awakening. We are no scholars or men of learning, but very ordinary seekers of the truth. Our limitations and shortcomings are as evident to us as the midday sun, yet it is just the quest for the truth and the desire for its dissemination that has inspired us to undertake such a daunting task. In the tremendous pandemonium that prevails, our voice is no more than a whisper, yet something deep down in our hearts beckons us to devote even the last quantum of energy we have for the cause of truth:

Stand upright, speak thy thought, declare,
The truth thou hast that all may share,
Be bold, proclaim it every where,
They only live who dare.

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