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Dr. Shehzad Saleem
- Supplications from the Qur’an   (July 2016)
- A Re-Evaluation of Early Developments in Qur’anic Orthography related to Vocalization and Diacritics   (July 2014)
- A Critical Evaluation of Variations found in the ‘Uthmanic Copies   (April 2013)
- A Critical Evaluation of Farahī’s View on the Collection of the Qur’ān   (January 2012)
- Materials and Surfaces Used for Writing the Qur’an   (February 2011)
- Reason and Revelation   (August 2003)
- Understanding the Qur’ān: A Fundamental Premise   (November 2000)
- Collection and Transmission of the Qur’an   (February 2000)
- Rationality of the Qur’ān   (August 1998)
- Hurūf-i-Muqatta‘āt: Farāhī’s Theory   (August 1997)
- The Importance of Shā‘āir Allāh   (March 1996)
- Hurūf-i-Muqatta‘āt: Farahi’s Theory   (January 1996)
- Rationality of the Qur’ān   (July 1991)
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
- Variant Readings   (February 2015)
- Subject Matter of the Holy Qur’ān   (May 2010)
- Principles of Understanding the Qur’an   (January 2007)
- Qur'an: The Final Book on Religion   (December 2006)
- The Importance of Classical Arabic   (March 1999)
Akbar S. Ahmed
- The Qur’ān Holds the Answer   (March 1999)
Amin Ahsan Islahi
- The Source of Jarh and Ta‘dil in the Qur’an   (April 2017)
- Principles of Interpreting the Qur’ān   (February 2008)
- Usage of some Qur’ānic Terms (1)   (April 2003)
- Understanding the Qur’ān : Some Initial Conditions   (October 1999)
Asif Iftikhar
- Review of Walid A. Saleh’s Article on Al-Wahidi’s Views on the Interpretation of Dall in Q. 93:7   (February 2013)
- The Art of Interpretation   (April 1996)
Dr Khalid Zaheer
- Qur’ān: The Primary Source of Islam   (January 1999)
- The Qur’ānic Law of Guidance   (October 1998)
- Relationship of Divine Law with Human Intellect   (August 1996)
- The Qur’ān and the Prophecies of Nostradamus   (April 1992)
Dr. Mustansir Mir
- The Qur’ān Oaths : Farāhī’s Interpretation   (July 2000)
- The Qur’ān as Literature   (May 2000)
- Study of the Qur’ān   (January 2000)
- Is the Qur’ān a Shapeless Book ?   (August 1999)
- Some Logical Fallacies dealt with in the Qur’ān   (April 1995)
Imam Hamiduddin Farahi
- Evidence from the Holy Qur’ān   (July 2009)
- Honorific Oaths   (June 2009)
- History, Form, Meaning and Use of Oaths   (April 2009)
- Mode of Revelation   (March 2009)
- Interpreting the Qur’ān in the Light of Hadīth   (February 2009)
- Ma‘rūf and Munkar: Good and Evil   (January 2009)
- Length of Surahs   (November 2008)
- The Sūrah as a Unit   (September 2008)
- Univocity of the Holy Qur’ān   (June 2008)
- Determining the Addressees and the Addressors   (May 2008)
- Relationship between the Qur’ān and the Previous Scriptures regarding Divine Injunctions   (January 2008)
- Historical Sources of Interpretation   (December 2007)
- Linguistic Resources of Interpretation   (November 2007)
- Qur’anic Nazm   (October 2007)
- Occasion of Revelation   (September 2007)
- Occasion of Revelation   (January 2003)
Moiz Amjad
- Reason and Revelation   (April 1991)
Tariq Haashmi
- Magic and Revelation   (April 2004)
- The Qur’ānic Term ‘Indhār’   (May 2003)
- Abrogation in the Qur’ān   (July 2002)
Waheed Uddin Khan
- The Book of Life   (February 2003)
Kamran Bashir Sheikh
- The Man Conceived by the Holy Qur’ān   (August 2001)
Dr. Dildar Ahmed
- The Inimitable Language of the Qur’an   (November 2006)
Fauzia Tanveer Sheikh
- Relationship between the Spouses – A Qur’ānic Perspective   (June 2008)
- Qur’ānic Imagery of Light and Darkness   (December 2007)
- Qur'anic Imagery of Doomsday and Resurrection   (October 2006)
Razi Ullah Lone
- The Qur’ānic Concept of Success   (February 2002)
Harun Yahya
- Pondering on the Qur’ān   (September 2000)
The Executive Council ‘Al-Mawrid’
- ‘Understanding the Qur’ān’ Internet Course   (May 2002)
Ibn Jarir Tabari
- Does the Qur’ān Contain Non-Arabic Vocabulary?   (April 2000)
- The Qur’ān and Pre-Islamic Arabic 1:5-6   (March 2000)
Gary Miller
- The Amazing Qur’ān   (August 2000)
A. H. Siddiqui
- Arrangement of the Holy Quran   (May 1995)
Dr Farhad Shafti
- A Brief on the True Meaning of Universality of the Qur’an   (March 2017)
- Understanding the Qur’ānic verse on “Beating Women”   (November 2011)
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