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Tariq Haashmi
- Does God Dislike being Assigned Daughters?   (September 2003)
Hadith & Sunnah
- Regarding Historical Āhadīth   (September 2003)
Political Issues
- The Taliban   (June 2003)
Social Issues
- Wife Beating   (June 2003)
- Trading of Girls   (June 2003)
- Menstruation Restrictions make me Feel Second Class   (January 2003)
- Muhammad (sws) in the Bible   (June 2003)
- A ‘Justification’ of Jihād against Innocent Civilians   (February 2003)
Islamic Punishments
- The Punishment of Theft   (June 2003)
- Convincing a Christian Cleric   (June 2003)
- Origin of the Word ‘Mosque’   (February 2003)
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